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animalslover 6,730 points
A cat needs to scratch on a surface so they can tone their nails and exercise their bodies.  Providing them with a good scratching post designed to maximize your cat’s scratching pleasure and giving them an appealing target for territorial marking, exercise, and natural cat exuberance is very important.

The claws also allow the cat to grasp and hold objects as well as establish footing for walking, running, springing, climbing and stretching. By regularly trimming your cat’s nails and offering a suitable scratching target, you are providing a natural outlet for a normal, happy and healthy behavior and you will be rewarded with a satisfied and confident companion. You can purchase a scratching post from SmartCat “The Ultimate Scratching Post™” or we have directions on “How to build a Scratching Post” your cat will love.

 Let’s use this example of bringing a new puppy home:

Think about it… If you had just brought home a new puppy and the puppy was digging up your expensive landscaping, scratching hardwood floors while running in the house, jumping on furniture and digging to find or hide a bone, would your first thought be to have your puppy’s claws and toes surgically removed?  Your answer would be “NO”. I expect that you would naturally and intelligently start the puppy in a training program.

Trying to understand why people think so naturally to alter a cat’s behavior by removing the claws instead of supplying and training the cat to use a post versus something else inappropriate should be unheard of.  Let’s give our cats their dignity by letting them keep the claws they were born with, so they can display their natural instincts.
Ok, so now let’s take a moment to understand just how important the cats claws are to them.

The cat is born with five retracting nails on each front foot and 4 nails on each rear foot which don’t retract (they remain exposed and don’t hide within the paw).

A Cat’s Nails are Necessary for:
- Balance when walking, running and climbing
- Exercise normal cat behavior
- Scratching for a good stretch
- Good interactive play
- Climbing
- Playing
- Grasping
- Defense

Scratching Problems: The Easiest of all Feline Problems to Solve:
- Reward appropriate behavior
- Trim nails regularly
- Temporarily cover their previous scratching targets
- Relieve cat’s boredom with interactive play and toys
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